Psychological Evaluations

HearthFire can be your partner to investigate a variety of psychological issues and respond with sound diagnostic clarification, deep insights into desires and behaviors, and custom-tailored recommendations for follow-up solutions.

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HearthFire provides confidential, clinical-based psychological evaluations, neuropsychological testing, and observation for children and adults to help determine or clarify psychiatric diagnoses. Assessments are designed to help patients learn more about themselves and create a deeper understanding of any core issues or challenges. These assessments may be required in certain instances or may be used as tools to help stressed families work toward healthier and happier relationships. Clinical testing is ideal for excluding disorders that share similar symptom profiles, to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and the effectiveness of recommended treatment. When appropriate, our clinicians also work closely with relevant medical providers or court supervisors to ensure all aspects of patient health are being managed.

Types of Evaluations:

Neuropsychological, Cognitive (Intellectual), Personality, Custody, Bonding (Quality of Parenting Bond), Immigration Evaluations, Competency, Psychosexual, Act 235 State Police Exam, Veterans (VES) Evaluations, Second Opinion Evaluations, and Rorschach Inkblot Assessment

Understanding and Adjusting Behaviors

Our clinicians specialize in family-related services, including child custody evaluations and parenting evaluations.

Some Issues Addressed:

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