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Kierstin Carreira, DSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Office: Allentown

In PersonTele-therapy

Kierstin is an experienced Child Psychotherapist specializing in Trauma and Family Conflict issues. She concentrates in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ODD, DMDD, and Anxiety. She has extensive knowledge in the area of trauma. She utilizes play therapy to elicit conversation and openness with children, and works with parents experiencing anxiety and depression due to family challenges.

Kierstin delivers artistic and creative activities during sessions that will help children express themselves effectively. Kierstin also may use elements of dance/movement therapy to assess and evaluate children’s needs that they sometimes have difficulty expressing verbally. Your child will be accepted in a fun, comfortable and caring environment, where they can grow and flourish.


Adolescents 13+AdultsChildren 3+CouplesFamilies

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