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Claire Malfaro, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

Office: Wyomissing

In PersonTele-therapy

Claire is a dedicated, results-oriented therapist and mental health advocate with 25+ years of experience. Certified Gestalt Therapist with proficient expertise in behavioral health therapy, program development/implementation, research, education, and clinical leadership, as well as activism in support of educational fidelity for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. A recognized leader in the mental health field with substantial competency in building effective and beneficial relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Proactive and transformational professional with a demonstrated proficiency in assuming accountability for being impactful on numerous topics and issues throughout the mental health community. A collaborative educator with the superior ability to disseminate complex ideas and concepts to ensure understanding by non-academic audiences.


Adolescents 13+AdultsChildren 3+CouplesFamilies

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