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Dermot Curtin, Psy.D.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Office: Wyomissing


Dr. Curtin is trained through the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. A Jonas E. Salk Health Fellow in 2018, a Patient Safety Fellow in 2021 with the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and a WELL Fellow through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; he was also awarded a scholarship from the Osteopathic Institute of the South in 2015. He specializes in psychodynamic and existential psychotherapy approaches and draws from the Jungian school of Analytical Psychology. Dermot incorporates religious beliefs and existential themes into the psychotherapy session. He also has a clinical interest in chronic Neuro-cognitive issues (Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD, Mild Cognitive Impairment) and health psychology. Dermot also deals with end-of-life issues, grief and psychotherapy and assessment with an older adult population.



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